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Each Day That You Don’t Move Forward Is Another Day You Choose To Keep Yourself Behind...

Right now, you and everyone you know are being robbed of time, money, and your rights. Information that is required for progress, economic well-being, and vitality has been overlooked, dismissed, or diminished by mainstream media and global academia. Leftist ideology has been embedded throughout society via social media. The "I don't give a f*ck" attitude has been popularized. Violence is rampant. The rise of socialism and radical leftism are threatening social and economic stability. Politicians are causing more problems than they solve. These are facts and this is the world you live in but what can YOU do about it?

The world as you know it is rapidly changing. The flow of information and technology are the agents of the rapid change the world is experiencing. You may have heard that "information is worth more than gold" but what kind of information would have such high value?

Many people believe that knowledge is power, but that is a lie. Power is the ability to influence and control. However, power means nothing without force. Force is required to make anything happen. Powerful people have existed, rising and falling throughout history, demonstrating that without force, power can be taken or lost by others that mastered the ability to effecively apply force.

Simply knowing something does not give you the ability to do anything. Any worthy and realistic goal, includng the goal of achieving autarky (self-sufficiency), requires both power and force in order to be reached.

Knowledge of true power and how to accumulate and apply force or the capability of doing so, for the purpose of gaining freedom and true independence is worth more than gold. It's worth more than oil. It's worth more than diamonds. The only thing that has more value than freedom is your mind because a mind that is free from the control of others is a prerequisite for you to obtain and maintain your freedom and independence.

"The Harakhti Lifestyle" eBook provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for establishing a higher standard of living. Containing powerful information that cannot be found elsewhere, this book reveals a uniquely effective formula and instructions for accumulating power and applying force you can use for reaching your own specific goals. With accuracy, you'll be shown unique ways to navigate in an increasingly complex society to achieve your goals and begin traveling your own road to success on your own terms.

The strategy in this eBook works when applied properly. To assist you, guidance is provided via the Harakhti mobile app. If you are unsatisfied with what you learn in this eBook and the support provided via the Harakhti mobile app, there is a 100% refund, 60-day money back guarantee policy. Download "The Harakhti Lifestyle" eBook now.

The Harakhti Lifestyle

(ePub Format, Compatible With All Devices)

Inside This eBook You Will Learn:

  • How To Stop Being An Economic Slave While Avoiding Pitfalls

  • How To Survive and Thrive In Any Economic Condition

  • How To Establish A Digital Means of Production That Will Always Work

  • A Proven Strategy For Achieving Your Own Levels of Success

...and more.

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(ePub Format, Compatible With All Devices)

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes, an eBook with an actual 60-day money back guarantee. If you apply what you learn in this eBook and use the resources provided in the Harakhti mobile app, the expected result is for you to be able to start setting and reaching realistic goals in more efficient and effective ways that can improve your life. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with “The Harakhti Lifestyle” eBook, you can get a full, 100% refund within 60 days from the date of your purchase.

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