Harakhti Digital Kingdom

Digital Kingdom

Hello, Outsider.

I hope this message finds you well and piques your curiosity, for I have something truly fascinating to share with you. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other as I extend an invitation to experience the Harakhti Digital Kingdom.

But first, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Atenubi Taharakhti, the gerent of a realm that exists beyond your wildest imagination. Nestled deep within the realms of cyberspace, the Harakhti Digital Kingdom is a clandestine sanctuary where cutting-edge technology intertwines with unparalleled innovation. It is a place where imagination transcends boundaries and possibility is everything it can be.

Now, you may be wondering what exactly awaits you in the Harakhti Digital Kingdom. I will not divulge everything here at once. However, I can assure you that within the Kingdom is a plethora of knowledge, creativity, and inspiration. It is a realm where people, science, and technology harmonize and where the lines between the past, present, and future converge.

To embark on this extraordinary adventure, the absolute desire to leave the old era behind is required. Be prepared to be swept away by the immersive experience that awaits, as you delve into the secrets that have been meticulously crafted to challenge your senses and ignite your imagination.

Once you step foot inside the Harakhti Digital Kingdom, you will unlock the answers to questions you never knew you had. This is a realm that offers endless exploration, where you can delve into the past, present, and future of the digital world and the real world. Dive into the depths of digital mastery by immersing yourself in interactive stories and traverse 3D open world landscapes that defy the boundaries of the physical world.

But, remember, discretion is of utmost importance when it comes to the Harakhti Digital Kingdom. As you embark on this new journey, tread lightly and stay ever watchful. The Kingdom's secrets are not for the faint of heart, and only those with a true thirst for knowledge will be rewarded.

Join me, and together, let us unlock the secrets of the Harakhti Digital Kingdom. Let's embark on an adventure into the new era like no other. I eagerly await your arrival, and anticipate the wonders we shall uncover together.

The Kor Atenubi Taharakhti [view character profile]

Creator of The Harakhti Digital Kingdom

The New Era


Create your own unique customizable character with upgradeable abilities, clothing, and digital ownership.

Digital Residence

Exquisite digital accommodation and amenities await you. It's time to leave the old internet and the old era behind.

Digital Residence
Play and Learn

Play & Learn

Discover a new way to engage with people that has real person benefits and true world impact.


Venture across 2 open world locations with various biomes, each with their own unique challenges and things to discover.

Sorcery Academy


Wield the darkest forces of nature. Discover the arcane practices of thaumaturgy, demonology, divination, and more. [See More]


The Harakhti Digital Kingdom™ is exclusively accessible via the Sony PlayStation 5 console and the "Conan Exiles" game (REQUIRED). This isn't the "metaverse" or anything like it because this is REAL and accessible RIGHT NOW. It is a video game that has been customized to serve as a cultural institution, learning tool, and communication medium that is made accessible via private servers. This is more than entertainment and it is more real than a dream. It is functioning and available right now. Utilizing existing platforms, the House of Harakhti has succeeded where others are able to do no more than make claims.

The Harakhti Digital Kingdom™ is set across 2 digital interactive open worlds, "The Exiled Lands" and "The Isle of Siptah", which are the base and expansion of the video game title, "Conan Exiles", available for the Sony Playstation 5 and other platforms. We utilize the Sony Playstation 5 to maintain a technological standard of excellence and the best experience. The "Conan Exiles" game provides the constructive elements required for us to do exactly what you are able to experience right now. Combined with the latest video game server technology, we are able to leverage the power of the Sony PlayStation 5 and the "Conan Exiles" game to make this possible.


This is best suited for people that are completely new to gaming and experienced gamers that seek the best possible RPG (Role Playing) experience. Intentionally and specifically designed for people with the lifestyle, time, and money to enjoy this level of immersion, the Harakhti Digital Kingdom isn't something that is for everyone. If you are "economically challenged" or have a problem with our zero tolerance for impropriety, this isn't for you.

Server Access Standard:

🎮 Must be at least 30 years old

🎮 Must use a high-quality microphone or PlayStation app for voice chat

🎮 NO IMPROPRIETY, which means that males use male characters/roles/names and females use female characters/roles/names

Violation of this standard is the ONLY reason that anyone can be banned from the server.

Lifetime Access To Both Servers

Enjoy 2 open world locations, "The Exiled Lands" and "The Isle of Siptah". *Requires a Playstation Playstation 5, PlayStation+, and the Conan Exiles base game. DLC content purchases required.

Table of The Sun™ Welcome Package

Get everything you need for your character to get started including clothing, weapons, sustenance, and shelter.

$10 Per Month

PlayStation Only
Immersive Role Play (Single Clan)
Accessible 24/7/365