outer dark

Deep within the hallowed halls of the seldom-spoken of and shrouded by the fog of time, exists the Seminary of The Outer Dark. Hidden away from the prying eyes of the world, this sanctuary of arcane knowledge and wisdom is a repository and training ground for those who dare to walk the path of the unseen.

The inception of the Seminary of the Outer Dark owes its existence to universal order, an inevitable consequence of a world dominated by the reprobate. Its edifice, hidden within the mists of a known yet sequestered realm, promises those who are qualified, a journey of immense learning and esoteric discovery.

The Seminary of The Outer Dark offers a path to mastering the arts of sorcery. Practical sessions are designed for the novice and the experienced alike, educating you on the history, understanding, and applications of sorcery.

An essential part of learning sorcery at the Seminary of Outer Dark is to get accustomed to the boundless dimension of the Outer Dark. Cryptic to the ignorant and outsiders, the Outer Dark is a realm of existence unlike any other, revealed via “quiet whispers”.

You must master the art of dealing with the unknown, for they will often find themselves treading upon perpetual enigmas and secrets as you learn sorcery. This requires full development of your abilities. The journey is often fraught with unexpected challenges and trials that help refine and temper your skills as a sorcerer.

Become an apprentice

This is where it begins. You will learn the fundamentals of sorcery and you will be introduced to Takanu Methodology, the way of the absolute. 

Develop your skills

Learn and practice the disciplines of thaumaturgy, demonology, illusion, necromancy, and divination via Takanu methodology.

Advanced Combat Training

On or off the battlefield, a well-trained sorcerer is the most formidable force to contend with in any environment. The Exiled Lands is a harsh and unforgiving place, exceeded only by the horrors found on the Isle of Siptah.


Fear of death is for people that don't understand life. For a sorcerer, life and death are merely 2 means to the same end.


Use the dead to do your personal bidding. Give life to metal. Enslave demons and be consumed by corruption... to your advantage.

The Outer Dark Calls From Within.

In the inexhaustible expanse of knowledge, learning, and exploration, there exists a profound realm of knowledge—the Outer Dark. Most people find solace in the common, but you, unlike others... are drawn to the arcane. You seek knowledge that makes gods tremble and devils run in fear.

Sorcery is the manipulation or control of natural forces through perceived uncommon means. Gravitating from its dark associations, it has morphed into a field of study subject to philosophical, psychological, and cultural interpretation. However, reality is not an interpretation. Reality is absolute.

Unlike conventional institutions of knowledge, the Seminary of The Outer Dark, much like its name suggests, exposes an unconventional dimension of learning. Instead of conforming to traditional sciences and arts, it provides an avenue that stimulates academia’s curiosity. It introduces sorcery as an intellectual discipline, inviting prospective students eager to learn sorcery under its neoteric curriculum.

The seminary's curriculum primarily focuses on knowledge about the Outer Dark, an omnipresent, timeless field beyond the material universe. It recognizes the constant dance between the known and the unknown, the light and the dark, the seen and the hidden. The curriculum aims at teaching qualified men and women to manipulate the space between worlds, connecting the physical and metaphysical realms.

Enrolling in the Seminary of The Outer Dark is not something that everyone can do. Beyond administrative rituals, prospective students need to showcase a genuine interest in sorcery. The sorcery seminary invitation extends to students thirsting after the knowledge of the unknown—a spirited inquisition tempered with respect for the arcane.

In the Seminary of The Outer Dark, one begins to dig deep into understanding the essence of sorcery. It transcends disturbing graves or summoning spirits. Sorcery is about understanding the universe, the essence of existence, and the manipulation of energies unseen to the mortal eye, all without breaching the universal balance.

answer the call...


If you seek the sorcerous knowledge and offerings of the Seminary of The Outer Dark, you must follow these instructions EXACTLY:

First, you need to have a Playstation console.

A Playstation 5 is recommended.

Get the Conan Exiles game for your Playstation console.

Get the “Isle of Siptah” expansion pack via the in-game store. This is required because you are going to The Isle of Siptah.

You must have the Harakhti Mobile App installed (iOS ONLY, as this is in no way directed towards anyone that uses an Android device). Inside the mobile app, you will find the server names and passwords.

Load the Conan Exiles game on your PlayStation console.

Select “Play Online”.

On the next screen, select “PvE”.

Now, you will see the server selection menu.

Search for the server named, “THE ISLE OF SIPTAH” and enter the server password as it is displayed in the Harakhti mobile app.

When the game loads, you will need to create your character.

If you are a male, use a male character, name, or role.

If you are a female, use a female character, name, or role.

After creating your character, you will be in the game.

You need to increase your character's level to 20 and ONLY to level 20.

Go to the "Cave of Kurak" where you will see a Thaumaturgy Bench with the Tome of Kurak on it. Next to it is a note. Read the note and follow the instructions EXACTLY.