Do you speak and act for yourself or for others you don’t know (strangers)?

Let’s find out…

The United States of America is a Constitutional Democratic Federal Republic with what is called a Mixed Economy. Any claim or belief that the government and economy of the United States of America is anything is else other than what it is would be unsubstantiated or a lie.

It is a fact that a part of something is not a whole. To claim that America is a direct democracy is a lie. A part of the American government is democratic. To claim that America has a purely capitalist economy is a lie. A part of the American economy is capitalist.

All parts of the American government and economy are structured, protected, and managed according to the constitution which is the law.

The biggest difference between direct democracy and a republic is that in a democracy the majority rules but in a republic, the majority and minority are represented in a fair and balanced manner.

Leftists and those who seek direct democracy in America are advocating for what is called Democratic Socialism. Democratic Socialism is defined as “a political philosophy that advocates for political democracy alongside a socially owned economy”. Democratic Socialism means the end of private ownership, the end of private control and ownership of any property, and the end of many if not all personal freedoms including the freedom of speech amongst many other things. Democratic Socialism is indeed Social Democracy which is defined as “a political movement advocating a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism”.

The Democratic politicians of the United States, along with the leftists and socialists that support them, are making advances toward transitioning the United States of America into a socialist state for the purpose of controlling the money and power of the people and businesses of the United States which would effectively enslave every man, woman, and child in America regardless of race, religion, or status.

Given the facts stated here, any person is either an advocate for capitalism or an advocate for socialism. Any person is either an advocate for a republic or an advocate for a socialist state. There is nothing else. That is the bottom line and there is no middle. There are people that claim to be “centrists” or “moderates”. Such people are liars because nobody can truly hold moderate political views when it comes to their money, private ownership, and the ability to make a living and eat. Nobody is moderate about such things and anybody that claims otherwise will never be able to substantiate their claim.

There are many people that claim to hate Donald Trump. Regardless of what anyone thinks or believes about Donald Trump, it is a fact that Donald Trump is not socialist and he does not advocate Democratic Socialism (Social Democracy). Donald Trump advocates for freedom, setting America first before all others in priority and upholding the Constitution of The United States of America. There is no evidence that he has done anything to the contrary. So, to claim otherwise would indeed be a lie.

There is no need to politically debate with a person in order to determine their true political and social standing because again, a person is either an advocate for capitalism or they advocate socialism…and a person either advocates a republic or a socialist state. There are no true contending “gray area” or fence-riding parties.

The House of Harakhti holds no affiliation with any political party and we do not advocate or tolerate socialism or leftist ideology in any form. The House of Harakhti advocates true freedom, balance, and order. There are no political parties in existence that are truly about freedom, balance, and order. We do not require politicians (strangers) to represent or speak for the House of Harakhti. We are capable of representing and speaking for ourselves.

Now, reflect on what has been stated so far before reading the next paragraph because what you learn is going to be shocking but true.

The “Condorcet Paradox” is when the view or choice of a collective is cyclic even if the individual views or choices are not cyclic. The Condorcet Paradox is illustrated by the fact that the majority of views or choices can never be in conflict with each other because collective majorities consist of individual people with individual views. This is the mathematical substantiation as to why socialist and direct democratic ideas and solutions can never maintain equilibrium for any group of people. The Condorcet Paradox can be summarized in the fact that nobody represents everybody nor can anyone represent everyone. This explains why the inherent problems of nation-states can never be solved by any form of the nation-state structure. Elected officials are individuals and the fact remains that nobody can possibly represent everybody because all people do not share the same mind, philosophy, or culture. The only thing that can sufficiently represent and comprehensively benefit any group of people in absolute truth is culture and cultures are not elected. Under no circumstance is it reasonable for a person to allow themselves to be represented by strangers they have never met or spoken to. However, that reasoning is cast away with the idea of voting. Socialism, communism, democracy, nation-states, and control of economies will inevitably fail because of the facts outlined here. There is no substitute or alternative for true culture.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti