The current social and political condition of America is evidence that most people are fkn stupid.

By the time most people realize what is truly going on, it will be too late.

People will not realize that people are starving until they themselves are starving.

People will not realize the pandemic is part of a global plan to lay the groundwork for institutionalized murder of millions of people until they themselves are dying.

People believe that voting will change, save, or help their society even though the voting systems have been proven to be criminal.

People believe the constitution protects their rights and freedom yet their rights are being violated every day.

Laws don’t matter to lawless people.

The truth does not matter to liars.

Good does not require bad.

Peace does not require war.

Law is useless if it is not upheld and enforced.

After 244 years of the American experiment, a few smart people have come to know that freedom and well-being do not require politicians (strangers).

The current state of society is what happens when culture is replaced with constitutions.

The culture-less are claiming to save or help culture as they systematically suppress all cultures.

The conservatives are trying to play fair when the leftists are not.

The conservatives are moving in accordance with the law while the leftists are not.

The conservatives are exposing the crimes and corruption of the left, while the left controls mainstream media and social media.

The control of mainstream media and social media means that the masses of vicious liar monkeys can be programmed, hypnotized, or guided via black magic technology. (Yes, I fkn mean that. SEE THIS.)

The conservatives keep trying to unite with their enemies.

They keep trying to reason with unreasonable people.

They keep trying to compromise with people that seek to destroy them and the societies in which all people live.

The radical leftist liar monkeys are relentlessly VICIOUS👹.

They cannot be reasoned with and there is no compromising with them.

The Great Monkey War has begun.🔥🙈🔥

The enemies of reason are all around you.

You have no choice but to fight in this war and the only choices that all people have are life or death in freedom or captivity.

The 🐒VICIOUS MONKEYS🙊 are at war with everyone and everything.

They are doing anything and everything to satisfy their beliefs and emotions.

It must be emphasized that facts and reason mean nothing to them.

Famines have already started to happen all around the world.

Starvation will be more commonplace.

🪨The rocks (asteroids) and 🌏quakes are increasing and that’s going to make things very interesting.

The global economy is digital and if you do not have a digital income stream, you will have no choice but to rely on the government and altruism for survival but they don’t want you to survive.

If you want to survive the Great Monkey War, you need true survival information and resources.

That is what the House of Harakhti provides.

If you want to know what I truly mean when I use the word “monkey”, you need to read The Noonebu Codex. In it, I explain EXACTLY and ACCURATELY who and what the monkeys are.

The Great Monkey War is on.

Don’t fall off.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti