Watching the conservatives attempt to stop or prevent the radical liberals is one of the most Sisyphean conditions I’ve ever witnessed.

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was a king that was condemned to roll a massive boulder up a steep hill only to have it roll back to the bottom of the hill after almost reaching the top. This was his punishment for being a fkn liar.

The story of Sisyphus foretells the fate of any society that is controlled by liars and is populated by liars.

Useless efforts and unending frustration was the fate of Sisyphus.

That is also the same fate that both liberals and conservatives of today share.

Both sides are frustrated and they are both useless to and for anyone that seeks true freedom.

The radical liar monkeys have seized the night and sealed their fate.

The coyote NEVER catches the roadrunner.

Elmer Fudd is NEVER able to kill and eat Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny.

Tom NEVER gets rid of Jerry.

Donald Trump will NEVER “drain the swamp” because it will ALWAYS rain again.

The conservatives will NEVER be able to stop or prevent the radical leftists from being stupid because nobody can fix stupid.

Liars will NEVER seek the truth.

So, which of the two sides is going to win?

Neither of them will win.

They will ALL lose because nobody and nothing can make any true beneficial progress with liars and lies.

The conservatives and liberals both have ideologies that are laden with fallacies of misplaced concreteness.

They both prioritize belief and emotions over facts and reason.

None of them are dealing with reality for what it is.

One cannot use lies to deal with reality and reasonably expect well-being and freedom.

A concept is not life or a person.

Any concept is a MENTAL TOOL or WEAPON that is used to produce whatever the mind that wields that tool or weapon requires.

The monkeys are treating fallacious concepts as if they are people.

The ideas of global warming and the “pandemic” are two examples of concepts that are treated as if they are people.

The monkeys regard these concepts with more respect and honor than most people show amongst themselves.

These concepts or lies amongst many others are mental drugs that are used to keep the masses of slave monkeys under the control of the master monkeys.

Right now, the biggest problem for the world is that there are too many monkeys and not enough bananas.

The monkeys have reproduced to the point of extreme overpopulation.

The demand has exceeded all supplies.

The various financial and commercial systems cannot operate effectively when any society is overpopulated.

Everything cannot be effective at every scale.

That is the truth about what is happening across the world.

This is why the politician monkeys are doing stupid shit.

They have lost control and are pretending that they still have control.

Chaos is evidence of a lack of order.

Unpunished corruption is evidence of a lack of justice.

People being punished for normal activities is evidence of tyranny.

Ambiguity is evidence of deception.

The belief that a man can be a woman or vice versa is evidence of stupidity.

Conservatives not pressing serious criminal charges against the radical liberals for the crimes they have committed is evidence that Donald Trump is never going to “drain the swamp” and no other politicians will do so either.

The Sisyphean Conservatives and the Vicious Liberals are doomed to deal with each other until they destroy themselves and their global society.

After all, who else do they have to deal with?

The monkey world is collapsing.

The monkey game is over.

ALL of the monkey plans will fail.

The new epoch is now.

Everyone must stand on and with their own merits, abilities, resources, and culture.

If your philosophy or ideology is failing you, that’s your fault as a consequence of being a foolish liar because a person’s ignorance is their own.

Right now, Donald Trump is like Elmer Fudd during rabbit or duck season…

…he will NEVER hit what he is aiming for.

It’s as if the conservatives are trying to catch liberal fish with a mousetrap.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti