The monkeys lie about everything.

So, according to Moderna and Pfizer, the manufacturers of the coronavirus “vaccine”…


They say that it only reduces the effects of the virus.

That makes it a fkn TREATMENT, not a vaccine.🤯

See, they are lying.

The virus has a 99%+ survival rate, yet they declared a pandemic.

Therefore, the pandemic and the necessity for a vaccine are lies.

In a world full of liars, nothing is more divisive than the truth.

This is why there is so much “division”…some monkeys want some of the truth and more monkeys want even less of it because they all have problems with reality.

Fighting a war with peace is senseless.

Trying to play fair in a dirty game is senseless.

That’s why radical monkeys are consistently gaining ground.

The conservatives fall into every trap the liberals set and then the conservatives blame the liberals for their conservative leadership’s shortcomings or short-sightedness.

It’s more than obvious now that having the freedom of speech does not mean you will be heard.🤔

Both conservatives and liberals believe they know what is best for everyone yet, they don’t know or agree with everyone.

WTF is that?🙉

Constitutions are used as substitutes for culture and politics are used as substitutes for morals.

That’s why society is pro-immorality.

American politicians are being harsher on the people of America than they are towards China.

How moral is that?🙊

The monkeys see lying as a way to control reality or to manifest their goals. They see it as “shaping reality” and therefore have no moral reservations against lying, corruption, or their own demise. To them, lying is simply a way to get what they want. They don’t care who they lie to or what they lie about because lying is a tool or device for them to gain power and also to satisfy their beliefs (lies) and emotions (desires). It is IMPOSSIBLE for the monkeys to achieve their goals without lies. Lies and sex are the only way and true power of the monkey. Know that you can take the monkey out of the forests and jungles but you will still have a monkey and that monkey will seek or create a wild, “anything goes” environment. This is the society you live in.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan

Founder, House of Harakhti

🤔Who are the monkeys? WATCH THIS and READ THIS.