Zipf’s Law is an empirical, mathematical law that states the frequencies of events or actions are inversely proportional to their rank. This is true in probability, linguistics, and almost everything you know of.

This explains why you can’t be as big as “they” are without doing what “they” are doing. In order to compete at the top of any marketplace, you must meet or exceed the resources of the top competitors. In other words, do what the winners do and play with the winners. You also must play by their rules.

In order for international mammoth companies to operate at their level of performance, they must do all of the things that they are doing, in common, and as separate entities.

Those things require the conditions, activities, and properties that imbalance national and international economies. The rich get richer because they deal with other rich people that do rich things. The poor get poorer because they deal with other poor people that do poor things. Either way, they are both imbalanced, the two representing two opposite extremes.

No, this is not to say that all rich or poor people are evil. It is to say that one group is doing things the other group is not.

Zipf’s Law also illustrates the fact that minds require other minds in order to make progress. A mind produces what a mind requires. Ignorant and unreasonable people will seek and find other ignorant and unreasonable people to do ignorant and unreasonable things with. Intelligent and reasonable people will seek and find other intelligent and reasonable people to do intelligent and reasonable things with. Being a path of least resistance, the internet makes that easy which is why I use it to do what I do.

The internet also makes it easy for ignorant and unreasonable people to connect with each other MENTALLY first. These people use the internet to create echo chambers of ignorance and stupidity that accelerates the rate of societal collapse. Thus, since 2010 coinciding with the rise in popularity of social media, we have seen the rise of the “social justice warrior” along with other forms of iconoclasm and ethnocide in ways that are unprecedented in effect.

The social media companies know what they are doing.

The mainstream media companies also know what they are doing.

Zipf’s Law also illustrates how media companies are able to influence so many people.

For example, most people are so ignorant and unreasonable, they believe that mind control is bad when in fact, a mind without control is far worse.

The people you know, almost everyone around you, have imbalanced and unreasonable minds and are therefore being controlled by other imbalanced, and unreasonable minds that are stronger (not wiser).

The outcomes of all of their efforts will always be imbalanced and unreasonable.

In order to benefit from balanced and reasonable outcomes, you must deal with balanced and reasonable people because ONLY balanced and reasonable minds can produce what is balanced and reasonable.

If you are one of the minds that I am here to serve true culture and true liberation information, then with what I have just explained in this message, you should know the importance of studying, discussing, and APPLYING the information you learn because your survival depends on it.

It takes a liberated mind in order to seek and obtain liberation.

The way of nature is to take the path of least resistance and with great effort.

Yet, when people attempt to do things, they meet great resistance with the least effort.

Therein is the action imbalance and therefore, there is an outcome of imbalance.

Great outcomes require great effort.

Greatness is not a commonality nor is it a mediocrity.

Average actions cannot produce outcomes that are truly great.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti