The Danger of Inversion Narratives and The Counter-Deception Techniques Required To Protect Yourself From Them

So, what is an inversion narrative? More specifically, what is the inversion narrative? "Inversion Narrative" is a term used to describe how every major narrative promoted throughout the society you live in is

🐒The True Power of The Monkey

The monkeys lie about everything. So, according to Moderna and Pfizer, the manufacturers of the coronavirus “vaccine”… THE VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT ANYONE FROM CATCHING OR TRANSMITTING THE VIRUS. They say that it

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🤬The Grasshopper Gang Rebellion

It’s happening. I call it "the great divide". Right now, invisible lines are being drawn that separate the reasonable from the unreasonable. Liars will rage and fall. Any and all bullshit will be exposed. Your

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