It’s funny how people turn to religion when faced with political and economic issues.

They get super religious when they don’t know WTF is going on and the socio-political system they believed was fair turns out to not be reasonable at all.

Religion is not going to solve the problems just as it has not prevented the problems.

How is religion supposed to solve the problem when it’s not able to prevent the problem?🙊

Religion and praying didn’t prevent the problem before. So, what is the substantiation for the belief-based claim that any god will solve problems it has failed to prevent?🙉

The religions and gods/devils are the same before, during, and after any problem.

How does praying for other people to do or not do something allow for the “free will” idea or concept?🙈

One could say that people make mistakes and then prevent them from happening later or that people cause problems for themselves but can solve them later and that’s true.

However, unless their god also made a mistake in not preventing the problem in the first place, then their god is complicit with the problem and/or powerless to solve or prevent it.

I don’t know if the gods and the devils of these monkeys are republicans, democrats, socialists, capitalists, conservatives, or liberals but I do know that most of the people in these groups pray to the same gods, worship in the same churches/synagogues/mosques/etc., live in the same country, and they blame the same devils whenever something doesn’t go their way. They also have the same ignorance.

Hilarious. 🐒💩

The religionists have gods that are constantly at war with devils yet, they each believe their god is peaceful.🙊

The religionists kill and attack other religionists in the name of their gods because they each see the other as the devil.🙉

The religionists prioritize belief and emotion over facts and reason yet they wonder why so many people do and say unreasonable things.🙈

These monkeys have built a global society of belief (lies) in order to satisfy their emotions (desires) at every cost.

Look at what they have achieved.

All of this technology and claims of mastery or moral superiority yet they still can’t fkn get it right.

Welcome to monkey world.

Get comfortable because the probability that you are one of the monkeys is extremely high.💥

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti