It’s happening.

I call it “the great divide”.

Right now, invisible lines are being drawn that separate the reasonable from the unreasonable.

Liars will rage and fall.

Any and all bullshit will be exposed.

Your heroes will fall from grace.

Your politicians will not help, save, or serve you.

Your champions will be the salt in the soil.

Nothing and nobody will grow from or with them.

Your gods, devils, angels, and demons will fall along with the beliefs that support them as people begin to realize the reality of their condition…


If you have been relying on a steady job for your income, there is a 70%+ chance that you will lose your job in 2021.


Because most of the businesses that are closed now will NOT be opening again, the supply chains have been disrupted, unemployment is at an all-time high, the global economy has collapsed, and people are running out of money to spend at any business.

Things will NOT be going back to normal.

I risk nothing in saying that.

I know what is going on.

Like the ants in “The Ants and The Grasshopper” parable, I have spent years preparing for such a cold winter.

The Grasshopper carried on each day in decadence, singing, and dancing as if everything will always be fine, yet the cold winter comes every year.

The ants spent all year doing what ants do, working together efficiently, getting things done, doing what they need to do when it needs to be done, paying the price, and preparing for the cold dark winter.

When the winter came, the ants were prepared.

The grasshopper was not prepared.

The ants had to help the grasshopper to survive the winter.

Then, spring came.

The grasshopper went about his away and still did not prepare for the next winter.

That story does not end well for the grasshopper.

The ants represent people like myself.

The grasshopper represents common people of any social status.

The US Government has placed the entire nation on welfare.

…or so it seems.

However, the ants do not have enough to support all of the grasshoppers throughout this cold dark winter.

Most of the grasshoppers will starve (run out of money) or freeze (not be able to make money).

You know what comes next.

The grasshoppers will “revolt”.

They will riot.

They take what is not theirs.

However, the grasshoppers can’t take what they can’t reach.

Ants can go underground.

Grasshoppers…not so much.

Are you an ant or a grasshopper?

The answer to that question does not include lying to yourself.

Do you really know WTF is going on?

If not, your ass is in the grass with the grasshoppers and you don’t have any time to prepare for what is already right here, right now.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti