They do NOT SEE the truth when it is presented.

They do NOT SEE the perils of socialism and communism.

They do NOT SEE the reality of the Condorcet Paradox.

They do NOT SEE the reality of Simpson’s Paradox.

They do NOT SEE the definite outcome of their ignorance.

They do NOT SEE reality.

Who are “they”?

“They” are ALL unreasonable people that seek only to satisfy their beliefs (lies) and emotions (desires) at any or all costs.

I call them the “NOT-SEE BRIGADES” because they move in groups, online and offline.

They are characterized or identified by their immorality.

Allow me to explain…


This is what MORALS or MORALITY is and all morality is not equal because all minds or cultures are not equal.

If any ideology or philosophy does not have standards and principles, that is IMMORALITY which is the way of liars and it is monkey philosophy.🐒

Immoral people have taken over the society you live in.

This is why the standards and principles that have sustained your society are being ignored, diminished, dismissed, vilified, and outlawed.

This is why corruption is rampant throughout all levels of global society.

The immoral people that govern and control your society have enslaved you.

You are in captivity.

Immoral people have destroyed the economy.

They have forced many businesses to close.

Your leaders are immoral AND sociopathic.

They are preventing people from being independent or earning a living.

They are issuing arbitrary orders, policies, rules, and laws that amount to nothing less than tyranny.

The people around you are enforcing the tyranny.

The evidence that most people are fkn stupid is that the vast majority of the public believes the lies that are used to control them.

The minds of the monkeys are eroding and the erosion of their societies substantiate that claim.

Cancel culture is truly the cancellation of culture.

Cultures have standards and principles but immoral minds do not.

Thus, the immoral people that govern and control your society are doing all they can to CANCEL ALL CULTURES.

The ethnocidal vampire monkeys👹 are EXTREMELY vicious right now and will become more vicious as time progresses.

As a result of what the NOT-SEE has done and is doing, many people will starve.

The world as you know it will never be as it was.

When these vicious monkeys get into power, there is no stopping them until they deplete their power due to violent war and the further erosion of their minds.

This is why socialism and communism NEVER go away when it rises.

Socialism and communism are the indicators that a republic or nation-state, society, or community has reached a point of no return.

Any concept of freedom that existed before has empirically ceased to exist in the western world.

Nobody can fix the problem of monkey overpopulation because nobody can tame the monkey.

That’s how China grew to a population of 1 Billion+ people.

That’s how America grew to a population of 340 Million+ people.

The world is being placated and distracted from the fact that there are too many people.

The systems that support your society are completely overwhelmed.

They have kicked the bucket down the road as far as they can go.

Now, you must be ready to experience the collective result and impact of the world’s ignorance.

Prepare to deal with the worst conditions that western society will ever know.

The “new normal” is the result of what these monkeys are doing to themselves.

These people, the political zealots on the left, right, and center will not realize what their true condition is until they are getting the shit end of the stick they have been swinging at the world.

The religious zealots of all religions will not realize that they have been fools until they see that their gods and devils are powerless against tyranny. They will pray and rebuke in futility. They will abandon their gods and devils.

The vacuous hordes of marauding immoral monkeys will raid and pillage their society “for the common good”.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
Founder, House of Harakhti